Thursday, August 11, 2016

SoMont Cycling sign up -- Here's how it works...

The SoMont Cycling 2016 mountain bike season is in full swing and we're off to a great start. We've held a number of practices and group trail rides in July and August. We've designed our jersey, did some fundraising and acquired our first round of 2016 sponsors! (more about that soon). The athletes are having a great time and the coaches are excited to see everyone's progression.

But that doesn't mean we're done recruiting. We're still out hosting events at local bike shops and other locations in the community. You might have even seen our posters around your neighborhood.

If you even wondered what the signup process might be like, here's what it entails from the athletes perspective.

After contacting the team directors, by emailing, you will be sent an invitation to sign in to the PitZone. The PitZone is the online portal supplied to us by the national organization, NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling League). The parent of the athlete is typically the registrant and the person who supplies all the personal information about the athlete and their family. As part of this process there are waivers, acknowledgement forms and the initial NICA and PA League fees are collected. At this point the directors of the SoMont team are notified and the athlete is registered officially on the team.

At this point, the SoMont coaching team will contact the family about other administrative items specific to the SoMont team such as jersey sizing, personal/emergency contact information, food allergies, parent volunteer opportunities and the collection of the SoMont fees ($150).

That's it!

Contact us at or 215 704-1556 to learn more about joining our team!