Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Giving Back to our Local Trail System - Pennypack Park

On Saturday, October 29 2016 the SoMont Cycling Youth MTB team (athletes, parents & coaches) assisted the Pennypack Park Trail Advocates and the City of Philadelphia's Parks & Recreation department in doing some much needed trail work.

A small bridge (called the Double Arches bridge) running over Paul's Run creek, a tributary to the Pennypack Creek, was recently closed due to structural problems. The Pennypack Park Trail Advocates team worked with the city to plan out a work-around trail, and we all collectively did the work to create the trail.

We had a great day getting our hands dirty. Some of work we did was:
  • put up detour and other signs
  • clean up the trail, roughly 3/4 mile
  • move fallen trees
  • create a small hill cut in at the trail entrance
  • create a flat-rock water crossing
  • create some trail features from a large rock
Here's a quick video of our day!