Monday, September 11, 2017

2017 Race #1 Recap: Blur at Gallaher

On Sunday, September 10 we officially kicked off the 2017 race season. After months of practice, which included skill development, endurance and power/strength training, 21 youth athletes from our team raced in the Blur of Gallaher event in Fair Hill, MD.

Our team had a number of individual accomplishments, most notably 3 podium placements. All of our athletes finished their races and we had a total of 9 TOP 10 finishes. Here is our top 10 summary:
  • Bennett (Springfield Twp) - 8th place of 88 - 8th grade
  • Elsa (Cheltenham Twp) - 3rd place of 23 - 8th grade
  • Henry (Cheltenham Twp) - 7th place of 51 - 6th grade
  • Lucas H (Springfield Twp) - 10th place of 51 - 6th grade
  • Maris (Cheltenham Twp) - 9th place of 23 - 7th grade
  • Megan (Upper Dublin) - 6th place of 15 - 10th grade
  • Miriam (Cheltenham Twp) - 6th place of 16 - 9th grade
  • Oskar (Cheltenham Twp) - 4th place of 68 - 10th grade
  • Junior (Lower Moreland) - 1st place of 88 - 8th grade
We want to also congratulate all of our other races for their performance at the first race of the 2017 season - Casey, Duncan, Ethan, Evan, Lucas G, Luke, Matt, Max, Rigel, Stella, Sam and Tyler.

Our next race is Sunday September 17th at Highland Park in Johnstown PA.