Wednesday, December 20, 2023

What Parents Need to Know for the 2024 Mountain Bike Season

A post from Independence Youth Cycling's blog...

As the 2024 mountain biking season approaches, Independence Youth Cycling (IYC) and its PICL/NICA mountain bike teams are gearing up for another exciting year. Here's what parents should know to ensure their young riders are ready for the trails.

Eligibility and Registration

Our teams welcome all youth in grades 6-12 residing in specified townships and neighborhoods in and around Philadelphia. The 2024 Season Interest Form is now available, allowing parents to sign up for notifications about registration​​​​. Visit the Independence Youth Cycling website and look for the the 2024 Season Interest Form.

Program Goals and Philosophy

IYC teams aim to instill a love for cycling and the outdoors in their participants. They focus on building character, confidence, and a sense of adventure through cycling. This approach not only encourages physical fitness but also teaches valuable life skills​​​​.

No Experience Necessary

Don't worry if your child is new to mountain biking. IYC teams welcome beginners and provide training on biking basics, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all skill levels​​.

Practice and Event Schedule

The practice season starts in July, with the event season kicking off at the end of August. Practices are typically held two to three times a week, with races and adventure weekends scheduled through early November​​​​.

Practice Locations and Attendance

IYC teams practice mainly at Lorimer Park, Pennypack Park, Wissahickon Park, Twining Valley Park and Cresheim Trail, with other locations used occasionally. While regular attendance is encouraged for skill development, the team is flexible, understanding the busy schedules of young athletes​​.

Parental Involvement

Parents should expect to commit time for travel to practices and events. Participation in races, although optional, is highly encouraged as they offer a unique and energizing experience​​.

Costs and Equipment

Joining an IYC PICL/NICA team involves a fee, in addition to the national/state league registration fee. Students need a good-quality bike, helmet, cycling gloves, eye protection, and other essential gear for a safe and comfortable riding experience​​​​. IYC can provide financial aid.

Looking Ahead

With cyclocross coming to IYC in 2024, there will be even more opportunities for young cyclists to explore and enjoy different forms of biking​​.

As we approach the 2024 season, Independence Youth Cycling, SoMont Cycling and Philly Wiss continue their mission to enrich lives through cycling. Whether your child is a seasoned rider or just starting, this season promises adventure, growth, and lots of fun on two wheels!

If you want to explore riding on our non-scholastic based teams like Circle Cycle Racing or via our new cyclocross team, please contact us directly.